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Be faster boy, “ours” is dying I can feel it and I don’t know if I’m trying to save it or I’m just pushing my hand on it to sink it.

Christmas time has gone and now colors turned black.
Boy, today there is not any distraction from my dark side.
I chose you because you are a strong man emotionally speaking. And this is the only hope. Boy, believe me when I say: you are no the first one and when I said I want to sniff the dust of your skin again.

The colorful feathers which you left inside of my mattress has become in black birds who are now knocking and knocking in my dreams. Boy, they are just asking me to open the door and let them in to devour the love which you left.

I’m not sure but I think that now everything is in your hands, I’m still wearing my pink dress and sitting on my dark throne waiting for you. But boy, being honest, I’m not sure if I’m waiting for your colors to rescue me or if I just want to see them becoming black.

Your distance is like a strong humidity who is destroying ours inside of me and rotting my dress. My hair is like fire, It’s something that I can’t control and maybe our hope. Sometimes it is shining and fighting against that 3829-foot monster but It’s giving up. I can feel that it’s tired despite it’s still burning. Boy, I can’t fight anymore I’m not a princess neither you a prince, we are emotion warriors, you are my master but you left me too soon. I’m not enough strong to handle it. I guess that I need you fighting and try to save us from me.

Crows have one voice, and they are telling me: Everything is fine, just fall into the darkness, It’s a safe place which you know and you like. It doesn’t matter that you left us you are always welcome here. Black birds voice is true, I know it. The crow never lies and that’s the reason why I love the brightness of his feathers. But I’m still waiting for you despite that voice is so attractive and strong. Boy, I still find attractive how your dark side can live with all your colors.

My boy, You should have taught me while you were able to touch me. We wasted time talking about love instead of it we should have talked more about missing you and how to overcome the monster.

Boy, I don’t know if I could help you when you be surfing in my darkness. I have a sadist side that you have heard but you haven’t seen. So, maybe, and just maybe, I will get hard meantime you are losing your breath, looking my eyes from the hell and feeling that pain. Maybe I just will get nude, and throw you the rest of the pink dress without me pulling from the other side. Letting you disappear with the rest of our hope.

I miss that elegant mourning suit with dark feathers which I was wearing when I met you and you made me took it off when you looked me. It is not colorful but I was overbearing and sophisticated.

Be faster boy….

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Andrey Montero

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